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SK Laundry and Dry Cleaners: An Effective Way To Clean Your Dirty Bags.

Bag Cleaning

No matter how much money you spend on a new designer handbag or luggage bag – be it leather or fabric or else, you want it to look good and last forever. Most handbags, especially those we carry every day, really take a beating.

We overstuff them, fill them with soft and hard items. Bags of all brands will ultimately need to be cleaned. Clean your handbag every two to three months if you use it every day. A good cleaning every six to nine months should adequate for special event handbags. Take the time to thoroughly clean your baggage. Because many high-end fabric bags are trimmed with leather, they should never be washed or dried in a machine or left to soak in a sink. The best approach to repair your bag is to clean it by hand.

Dirt and germs are carried in everyday goods including leather bags, totes, satchels, wallets, purses, and laptop bags. We use specialized cleaning processes depending on the material, kind, and amount of dirt and damage. Bag linings are also cleaned to the best of our ability.


Leather, like our skin, requires protection, cleaning, moisturizing, and conditioning to keep it looking its best. As a consequence, as part of our cleaning process, we moisturize and condition leather items. We also do or best to remove stains like ink mark and others.

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