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Leather /Suede Cleaning

leather and suede are more than an investment, they’re high quality garments capable of providing many years of practical wear and enjoyment. Trust in the experience and talent of our leather cleaning experts to provide proper care and restoration of your fine leather and suede.

Textiles like these are also highly susceptible to staining due to their porous nature. Puritan Cleaners offers specialized spot cleaning services for your apparel, accessories, and much more.

Leather & Suede Care Tips  

  • When not in wear, allow your leather and suede to breathe in a cool, ventilated space.

  • If you must store it, use a cloth garment bag, never plastic.

  • Keep garments out of hot, humid environments.

  • Hang items on broad-shouldered hangers to maintain natural shape.

  • If the garment gets wet, always let it air dry.

  • Don’t spot treat with fabric cleaners or natural remedies.

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