SK Laundry and Dry Cleaners Covid guidelines

The pandemic seems to have brought a tsunami disrupting our family life, personal life and professional & social life and nestled cozily in our lives. While deep down in our hearts we may hope for a prompt end to this crisis, as its sudden onset, the reality now is that we have to make the best out of this new normal and live with it. We need to keep reinventing ourselves to survive this downward curve with minimal detriment. Not only on the business front, but with a much more responsibility keeping in mind the health & safety of each employee & customer. SAFETY FIRST.


For a year or two, while this crisis lasts, humanity is forced to put it as the top priority.


Our top concern is ensuring the health & safety of employees and we have made a number of simple guidelines to be followed for the same.


Personal protective gears:


  • Distribution of masks to employees and enforcing adherence to the use

  • Masks need to be applied and removed in the correct way.

  • Wash or sanitize hands prior to putting on and after removing the mask.

  • Mask should cover the nose and mouth o Mask should fit snugly under the chin, over the bridge of the nose and against the sides of the face. The front of the mask should not be touched whilst worn.

  • Masks should not be worn under the nose or hanging around the neck.

  • Masks should be changed when they become damp or soiled.

  • A sufficient supply of masks should be provided to staff to ensure they can be worn and changed when required.

  • Do not reuse single use masks.


  • Use of disposable gloves is must whenever handling new laundry or materials.

  • Ensure not to touch other parts of the body with the gloves on


Social distancing guidelines:

No contact Pickup & Deliveries:

  • On shop: The entrance layout is made to ensure a distance of 1.5 mtrs between the staffs and the customers. Customers need not come inside for drop or pickup. The goods are transferred on non-contact basis. Also, we encourage customers for online payment, the QR code is put outside for the convenience of customers and non-contact.

  • Off shop: Our most of the pickup & drops were on non-contact basis, it was quite easier for us to make 100% pickup and deliveries non-contact. It is convenient for both the customers and us. Customers leave their laundry in front of the door or in security which are picked up by us and the same is followed for the deliveries too. All these payments are online only. If the customer is available, they keep the bags outside to maintain non-contact and social distancing.

  • Customers are also requested to maintain minimum distance with our employees and also with other customers.


Enhanced cleaning & Hygiene:

All employees are advised to maintain hygiene at home and work place. We have an added advantage as the employees are staying in the same building reducing commute and exposure.


  • Cleaning of hands

All employees are advised to clean their hands frequently and whenever they work on new laundry or come back from pickup/drop.

 Cleaning hands Regularly washing hands is an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. If cleaning your hands with soap and water:

Lather for at least 20 seconds. Pay attention to the backs of hands and fingers, fingernails and the webbing between fingers.

Rinse hands under running water and dry hands with a clean towel, or fresh paper towel.


If cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub (hand sanitizer):

  • Apply enough product to cover both hands.

  • Rub all surfaces of both hands until they are dry. Consider providing an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in each vehicle and using it before and after each stop.


Disinfectant spraying at workplace:

  • Daily disinfectant spray at work in the morning and after lunch is must and always available whenever the employee feels it is required. It is important cleaning of common contact surfaces frequently.


Increased cleaning and sanitation of vehicle after use:

  • It is important to ensure appropriate cleaning of common contact surfaces. This is particularly important prior to changeover of vehicles. Surfaces that have been touched will need to be cleaned prior to changeover, particularly ‘high touch’ surfaces like handles and the steering wheel.



  • Most of our payments are cashless payments.

  • For cash payment, after handling money, employees are advised to wash hands with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Entrance to the business:

  • We have provided alcohol-based hand sanitizer for clients to use after transaction at the entrance to the business.


We together will handle this menace and crisis systematically. Stay Safe!